Regina John Doe

In 1995 a man maybe named Brian who went by Dave killed himself. Two CP rail police watched a man cut into their yard, lay down on the tracks, and moments later hit by a freight train. He was killed instantly and he had no ID with him. The man was well dressed, clean, and appeared to be well educated. He was believed to be in his early 20’s. He loved to talk about Stephen King novels, nice cars, and talking politics. He had a lion king cassette with him. He was described as “preppy” and said he was travelling out from Ontario. Some however believe due to his accent he may of been from the Maritimes. The days before he died he met hitch hiker Randy Wakelin.

On July 22nd, 1995 Randy and “Dave” traveled from Strathmore, Alberta to Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The two looked for carnival jobs for several days with no luck. Randy claimed that “Dave” had no idea how to live the transient life. Saying he knew nothing about drugs, no street slang, and he could barely hitch a ride. He appeared to be well educated and spoke about Universities out east. He never made any real eye contact with anyone. One thing Randy noticed was when they stopped to eat “Dave” would un fold a napkin on his lap. He also talked about how much he loved the ocean. Randy was also sure that “Dave” had an Ontario birth certificate.

“Dave” also kept a diary, which he wrote in with a silver fountain pen. The diary has never been recovered. “Dave” did not like to talk about his family and it was believed that they may be wealthy. He did speak a lot of a woman named Kathy whom he use to date. Until she left him for another man. The Christmas Brooch pictured above seemed to be “Dave’s” most prized possession. It was found with him when he died. It may of belonged to Kathy.

“Dave” was 5’9” and 18-30 years old. He may have spent time in Kamloops, British Columbia, at Padova City Resorts Inc.⁣

Regina John Doe’s fingerprints were compared with those of data bases in Canada, the US, and Europe with no matches. Which means he was probably never fingerprinted. One report noted that he did have scars on his wrists. No missing persons reports matched his. Minus Randy no one has came forward saying they knew him.