Kenora “Millie” Jane Doe

On June 17th, 2009 a hiker walking along the Trans Canada Highway found the body of a woman in a one person tent, near Kenora, Ontario, Canada. A week prior at least a day or two before she was found the woman nicknamed “Millie” pitched a tent in the woods along the Winnipeg River. Her cause of death was accidental carbon monoxide poisoning which came from a Hibachi stove which she used to cook in her tent.

The woman was white, between the ages of 33-55, and stood about 5’4 and weighed about 120lbs. Found inside the tent was a copy of the novel “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby, with a bookmark from McNally-Robinson Bookstores (locations in Winnipeg and Saskatoon), a bottle of 13 Pfizer pills and medication for back and muscle pain. She wore oval wire-framed glasses. A beaded necklace and hoop earring were also found inside the tent, along with a black duffel bag. She had $75 cash and $2.84 in change (Canadian currency). After investigation on her body it was discovered that “Millie” had undergone reconstruction surgery on her jaw.