Septic Tank Sam

UPDATE JUNE 29th, 2021

A man whose death in Alberta has fascinated armchair detectives for years has finally been identified by the RCMP using genetic genealogy, The Fifth Estate has learned. The victim, whose name is expected to be released on Wednesday, was nicknamed Septic Tank Sam by the RCMP after he was found in a septic tank at a rural farm just outside Tofield, Alta., on April 13, 1977. The farm was owned by Mavis and Charlie McLeod, both now deceased.

June 6th, 2021

Its probably a good thing this guy is dead or at least I hope he did something really bad to get death the way he got. Because the name “Septic Tank Sam” Is a Shitty Nick Name.

Septic Tank Sam is the nickname given to an unidentified murder victim who was found in a septic tank thirteen kilometres (8.1 mi) west of Tofield, Alberta on April 12th, 1977. RCMP believe he may have been murdered as early as April 1976. Authorities suspect he was not from Alberta, but most likely worked as a migrant worker. If the victim was from the area, odds are there would have been a missing person’s report on him or a close family member would have reported him missing so police surmised he was a transient. However, they can’t be certain because the victim was never identified. Sam was found wearing a blue Levi shirt with snap buttons, a gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and imitation Wallabee shoes. His decomposed body was wrapped in a yellow bed sheet and tied up with a nylon rope. Sam was found by a local couple scavenging their abandoned property for a septic tank pump. After seeing his leg bobbing in their old septic tank, they alerted the Tofield Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment. Two officers came to the scene to recover Sam’s body, where they spent an hour emptying the 1.8 meter deep septic tank with empty ice cream pails.

A medical examiner in Edmonton determined Sam to be a white guy although another medical examiner in Oklahoma said he could of been native. If you have been to that region of Alberta its all white or native so that doesn’t narrow it down that much. Retired RCMP Sgt. Jim Warren, who was a junior constable at the Tofield detachment in 1979 and worked on the file, said that if the victim was from a northern Native village, his family may not have seen the sketch. His bones and teeth suggested he suffered from an unspecified illness at five years old. Sam’s cause of death was two gunshots to the head and chest, although it was possible there could have been more if any of the bullets did not reach his skeleton. Before his death, Sam had been tortured; he had been beaten, tied up, burned with a small butane torch and cigarettes, and sexually mutilated with farm shears. The sexual mutilation was so severe that the medical examiner took several months to positively identify him as a male. Based on the burn marks on his shirt sleeves, Sam could have been tied to a bed while tortured. After Sam’s death, he had been covered in quicklime, most likely in an attempt to hasten decomposition. RCMP investigating the case described the murder as one of the most vindictive and sadistic they had ever seen. Forty-two years later the murder remains an unsolved Alberta cold case.

Due to a lack of evidence in the septic tank, Sam was most likely murdered elsewhere and the septic tank was only a dumpsite. Sam’s murderers are believed to have known him, due to how viciously he had been killed. It is also suspected Sam’s murderers were Tofield locals or were familiar with the area, due to the location of Sam’s dumpsite being on a rural property. Some Tofield and area residents thought criminals or drug dealers from Edmonton used the Lindbrook septic tank to dump the body. Others believed the killer was someone local. They surmised who else but someone local knew about the abandoned septic tank? After all, the septic tank was hidden in a remote area on a two-and-half-acre lot off what was then Hwy 14. They said what were the chances of criminals from Edmonton finding a barely visible septic tank? Besides, Wye Road – from Sherwood Park to Lindbrook – has many spots with miles and miles of only thick trees and muskeg, perfect for dumping and hiding a body. Back in 1977, the deserted stretch of highway was even less populated with more locations for criminals/drug dealers from Edmonton to dump a body. They didn’t have to drive about 45 minutes to Lindbrook and increase the risk of being caught. Still, Sgt. Lammerts said if someone from Edmonton dumped the body in Lindbrook, then perhaps the killer(s) went to the area first looking for a dumpsite before committing the crime.

Sam’s body has been exhumed from his unmarked grave in an Edmonton cemetery twice. In 1979, Sam’s remains were flown out to Clyde Snow and Betty Gatliff, Forensic anthropologist and medical illustrator at the Federal Aviation Administration in Oklahoma who had been creating 3D facial composites from skulls since 1967. Along with creating a facial composite for Sam, the two could tell by measuring his hands that he was right-handed. Snow believed Sam to be of Indigenous origin and around 35 years old, contradicting the RCMP’s belief of Sam being a European Canadian and between 26 and 32. Sam was exhumed and reconstructed for the second time in 2000 by Cyril Chan, who was with the Edmonton medical examiner’s office at the time.

The 1,200 residents of Tofield at the time were horrified to hear of Sam’s murder. Farmers checked their own septic tanks for bodies and business owners worried that Sam’s murderers could have been regular customers. Many speculated Sam had been sexually mutilated due to committing a sex crime or being unfaithful in a relationship. Ed Lammerts, one of the officers who helped recover Sam’s body, has since retired. He believes Sam will never be identified, despite sending X-rays of Sam’s teeth to 800 Albertan dentists coupled with publishing them in dental magazines, and spending $1,000,000 CAD on the case.


  • He still had all of his teeth, some fillings, and had signs of recent dental work.
  • Medium build.
  • Dark hair.
  • His eye color is unknown.
  • Measurements of his hands suggested he was right-handed.
  • Examination of his bones and teeth revealed he suffered from an unspecified illness at five years old.


  • Blue ‘Levi‘ work shirt with snap buttons.
  • Gray T-shirt.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Gray wool socks.
  • Brown imitation ‘Wallabee’ shoes.



Phillip Fraser

When I use to watch Unsolved Mysteries as a kid this story really got to me. They have never solved it and the only updated from the original story is that they found his body and burnt out car. The question is “WHO killed Phillip Fraser”.
  On June 14th, 1988 25 year old Phillip Innes Fraser(Born Jan 3, 1965) was heading from his home in Anchorage, Alaska down to college in Seattle, Washington. Which to begin with is a long drive.
  When he went throw the border from Alaska to the Yukon he had to drop off hand guns. Due to the fact they are illegal in Canada. Sort of irrelevant to the case but maybe if he had them on his person he would still be alive today.
   600 miles from the border at a cafe a hitchhiker was dropped off. When this man was in the cafe there the owners though something was fucked up with him right from the get go. Even as far as saying they thought that he escaped from a mental institution.

Shortly after the nut bag arrived Phillip Fraser came up and got some gas. The nut bag went out and asked Phillip for a ride. Phillip said no. I have been up there numerous times. And if someone is too fucked up to give a ride to and help out. They have something wrong with them.
  When Phillip took off the nut bag chased the car. Phillip finally decided to give him a ride. Which turned out to be the last time he was seen alive.
   200 miles south of the cafe and 8 hours later a man flagged down a ride. The Olsen’s from Kitwanga, BC. The Olsen’s were told by the man that he was having car trouble.They also felt that he was acting very nervous. But at the time they chalked that up to him maybe being scared as he was alone out in the middle of no where. The Olsen’s went as far as to let the man stay at their house in the basement. With all their guns to boot.  The man told the Olsen’s that his name was Phillip Fraser and he was heading down to Washington to study medicine.
  The man tried to sell the car to the Olsen’s for a plane ticket. When the Olsen’s said they couldn’t do it for a few days. But he couldn’t wait that long. The man also pulled out 2 wallets which made the Olsen’s a tad suspicious of him. The man then took off.
  12 hours later Phillip’s burnt out car was found in Prince George, BC at a car wash. 6 weeks later they found Phillip’s body in a gravel turn around. He had been shot to death.

This case has never been solved and the hitchhiker is the primary suspect. Problem is no one knows who he is. In 1988 they figure the man was about 25 years old. He was described as having rotten teeth, a beer belly, and strong body odor. The Olsen’s said that he seemed to be familiar with the Toronto and Seattle areas.
   Sadly not solved and the odds of it getting slimmer by the day. Phillip’s father died in 2014 Serial killer Michael McGray may be responsible as he killed numerous Canadian hitchhikers and resembles the suspect sketch.


Sharon Kinne

She was one of the most remarkable criminals in U.S. history. A housewife, she turned cold-blooded killer. In 1969 she escaped from a Mexican prison and disappeared without a trace.

Sharon Elizabeth Hall (Born- November 30th, 1939) is an alleged American multiple murderer. She has the longest current outstanding arrest warrant in Kansas City, Missouri and one of the longest outstanding felony warrants in American history.

Sharon Elizabeth Hall was born on November 30th, 1939 in Independence, Missouri. The daughter of an alcoholic single mother. When she was 16 she met 22 year old James Kinne at a church function and began casually dating in the summer of 1956. But James broke it off when he returned to Brigham Young University in the Fall. Kinne who did not want to be alone and wanting a partner who could get her out of Independence, Missouri wrote to James claiming she was pregnant by him. James dropped out of school and returned to Independence to marry Sharon in October of 1956. They claimed on the marriage certificate that Sharon was 19 and a widow, whose husband died in a car crash. Kinne converted to Mormonism and the pair got married at the Salt Lake Temple in Utah.

After the wedding the couple settled in Provo, Utah. James returned to studies at BYU and worked as an electrical engineer and Sharon babysat. Sharon claimed to have miscarried the first child (the false pregnancy one to lure James back) but was pregnant again and in the fall of 1957 gave birth to a daughter they named Danna. Sharon was a lavish spender and the two had a second child Troy and by this time Sharon was having an extra marital affair with a high school friend and now ice cream vendor John Boldizs.

By the start of 1960 James was strongly thinking about divorce. Not only because of Sharon’s spending habits, but he really suspected she was having an affair. Boldizs later claimed to police that Sharon offered him $1,000 to kill James of find someone that could. James told his parents he wanted a divorce and Sharon would give him one if he gave her the house, the kids, and $1,000. James parents devout Mormons were strongly against the idea of divorce.

On March 19th, 1960 20 year old Sharon phoned the police. Sharon’s 25 year old husband James Kinne was found dead shot in the head. With the couples small 2 year old playing right near his dead body with a gun in her hand. Sharon told police that she heard a gun shot at around 5:30pm where he was sleeping. Sharon along with neighbors claimed that James would let the 2 year old play with his guns often. So she must of accidently shot her dad. At first police could not disproved her story. So with the death of James being closed and called an accidental homicide. James was buried and Sharon collected the $29,000 in life insurance. She did not appear to be grieving in any way shape or form with her manor around others. With some of the money she went and bought a fancy blue thunderbird sports car off a car salesman and future lover Walter T Jones. “She wanted the salesman to leave his wife and his children and take care of her. She wanted him. In her mind, whatever Sharon wanted, Sharon got.” says an author of a book about her.

But a few months later on May 27th the body of 23 year old Patricia Jones (a local file clerk) was found in the woods by Kinne and her new boyfriend John Boldzis, while they were parked in a place called lovers lane. It turns out that Patricia was the wife of another one of Kinne’s boyfriends Walter T. Jones a car salesman who wooed Kinne. Walter had tried to break off the affair with Kinne right before his wife went missing. Kinne admitted she was the last person to talk to Patricia before she went missing. She was then charged with Patricia’s murder and then with further investigation that of her husband James.

Kinne went to trial for Patricia Jones murder in June of 1961. She was acquitted. In January of 1962 she went on trial for James Kinne’s murder. After going on trial 3 times for James murder (the last one ending in a hung jury) she was released on bond. She fled to Mexico in October of 1964 before a fourth trial could be scheduled. She went down there with her new lover Francis Peglise. The two checked into a the Hotel Gin. While there Kinne said she felt un safe in a foreign country and bought a gun there, along with ones they brought from the states. Then when she got to Mexico she killed a man named Francisco Ordonez. Sharon killed him in a hotel room where she went to look at pictures he had. She then claimed he made sexual advances at her. She claimed that it was in self defence. Shot in the back in self defence. Investigation into that shooting showed that the same gun that killed Patricia Jones killed Ordonez. She was convicted in Mexico of shooting Ordonez in October 1965. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Kinne escaped from the Ixtapalapan Prison during a black out in December of 1969. Dispite extensive manhunts she has not been seen to this day.

Age Progression Of Sharon Kinne

It is rumored she may have snuck into Guatemala, was killed right after prison, or is still alive somewhere at 81 years old. Maybe even up in Alaska where she has relatives.

The case was aired on Unsolved Mysteries in 1998


Sharon Kinne Arrested At Her Home

Baby Innocence

On April 20, 1984, the body of a newborn white male child was found by several children playing along the banks of the Seine River near the CNR mainline bridge in the vicinity of Notre Dame Street and Nadeau Avenue in St. Boniface an area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
The baby’s body was found in a shallow grave near the waters edge and was partially exposed as a result of the spring run off. The baby was likely buried there in the late fall of 1983 and stayed outside all winter. It appears that the baby was a newborn and was birthed shortly before his death and burial on the river bank. The child was wrapped in towels and plastic bags.
A white male in his early 20’s was spotted in the area in the late summer or early fall of 1983 carrying an infant child, but he has never been identified
 and no one recognized the man.

Find a Grave

Melissa Ivy Chaboyer

Melissa Ivy Chaboyer was a 35 year old single metis woman with a 17 year old son, Anthony. She was also the mother to 20-30 foster children over the last 10 years. Known to her friends as Lissa she would care for the foster children even when they were older and moved out. She also loved spending time with her family at the family cottage. Melissa worked full time with mentally challenged adults. She also worked part time as a taxi driver in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada to get extra money for Christmas time.

On Friday night November 25th, 2005 Melissa just finished visiting her mother and getting ready to start the graveyard shift driving cab. Thompson has a reputation of being the most violent city in Canada. (Thompson has had the honor of that name three years in a row and counting) Just after midnight on the early hours of November 26th she had a call at the Thompson Arena.

Several minutes later, Melissa called her dispatch and said she was going to stop at the Ramada Hotel (now called The Burntwood Hotel)- a standard two-storey establishment at the intersection of Cree Road, with a green roof, green awnings, and a sports bar called the Regal Beagle Tavern. The hotel was only a 1.2 km drive from the Arena. It was never known if Melissa went to the arena and picked up passengers or not.

What happened next is unknown. Melissa Ivy Chaboyer was found stabbed to death in the cold morning of November 26th, 2005. Melissa’s killers fled on foot east along a parking lot at City Centre Mall. Just before 1 am another taxi driver drove by and seen Melissa’s cab. Soon after her body was found on the pavement outside of her cab. Melissa was known to be kind and one to probably not get too angry if someone had money to pay. So what was the motive? As a result of Melissa’s murder all cabs in Thompson are now equipped with cameras.

The main focus of the murder was robbery. Melissa would of known to have had hundreds of dollars on her on a Saturday morning.

15 years later and the murder is not solved.


Hamilton John Doe

On April 7th, 2007 a 32 year old figure skating coach looked outside of her home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. She seen an object sitting perfectly at the end of her driveway. She thought the yellowy white skull belonged to animal. She kicked the skull into a nearby ditch. A couple of days later one evening a neighbor was walking their dog near the figure skaters house. They seen the object that the neighbor kicked into the ditch and upon further investigation on it discovered it was a human skull. On April 18th, 2007 the Hamilton Police along with local search and rescue

After being able to match the skull to remains investigators believed the Hamilton John Doe could of died as early as the spring of 2006 or even the fall of 2005. He was wearing a water proof army brand watch with a blue face on his left wrist. The watch cost at least $400 and weren’t made after 2003.

The Hamilton Police have tried to link Hamilton John Doe to other missing persons cases but have had no luck. Hamilton John Doe is believed to be between 40-65 and was 5’6-6’0 tall. DNA was taken from his femur and is available for matching. No foul play was suspected.


Kenora “Millie” Jane Doe

On June 17th, 2009 a hiker walking along the Trans Canada Highway found the body of a woman in a one person tent, near Kenora, Ontario, Canada. A week prior at least a day or two before she was found the woman nicknamed “Millie” pitched a tent in the woods along the Winnipeg River. Her cause of death was accidental carbon monoxide poisoning which came from a Hibachi stove which she used to cook in her tent.

The woman was white, between the ages of 33-55, and stood about 5’4 and weighed about 120lbs. Found inside the tent was a copy of the novel “A Long Way Down” by Nick Hornby, with a bookmark from McNally-Robinson Bookstores (locations in Winnipeg and Saskatoon), a bottle of 13 Pfizer pills and medication for back and muscle pain. She wore oval wire-framed glasses. A beaded necklace and hoop earring were also found inside the tent, along with a black duffel bag. She had $75 cash and $2.84 in change (Canadian currency). After investigation on her body it was discovered that “Millie” had undergone reconstruction surgery on her jaw.


Lucas Shortreed

On October 10th, 2008 Lucas Shortreed left a party in Alma, Ontario just after 11pm. He was heading to his home in Fergus, Ontario. His lifeless body was discovered on the gravel surrounded by shattered glass and vehicle debris. At around this time a white dodge neon a 1995-1997 model or a vehicle similar. It is believed that that vehicle struck Lucas due to forensics.

It is unknown if the driver of the vehicle even stopped to see if they had killed someone or what they hit. The driver left Lucas to die and he was discovered by other motorists later.

There is no way the driver did not know they hit someone or something. The damage to their vehicle would be very noticeable. Parts of the windshield, right passenger window and front right fender would have destroyed by the impact of hitting the 230 pound teenager.

The driver odds are was drunk. It was thanksgiving weekend and it was Octoberfest in nearby Kitchener-Waterloo. There were over 8,000 registered vehicles matching the description of the neon. Police searched a 100 mile radius in Wellington County to find the damaged car, but came up with no luck. Also no one came forward with information.

It is unknown if the driver was local. But the road Lucas was struck on was rarely travelled. The vehicle’s damage would of made the vehicle almost un drivable. It is believed thought that the person driving the car is from the area or has close ties to the area.

The Government of the Province of Ontario is offering a reward in the amount of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the death of 18 year old Lucas Shortreed.


Lucas Shortreed OPP

Lucas Shortreed at the Guelph Mercury

One Year Anniversary Wellington Advertiser

Amber Lynn McFarland

On October 17th, 2008 24 year old Amber Lynn McFarland of Portage La Prairie, Manitoba went to a Smitty’s lounge with her boyfriend and a friend. They hung out for awhile and then moved on over to a bar in the Canad Inn. While there they decided to leave Amber’s vehicle at the Canad Inn and went to the Cat and Fiddle bar, where they continued to hang out for the night. On video it shows Amber, her boyfriend, and another friend go to the liquor vendors attached to the bar, so they could buy beer. All three of them left the store and went into the parking lot. Amber has not been seen since and her cell phone activity after that night suddenly halted. Her empty car remained in the parking lot.

Why does this seem like it could be the answer to this case or at least the reason for it happening.

The Crown attorney has withdrawn charges of assault for a Portage la Prairie man. Kelly Colin Garrioch, 39, was facing a charge of assault allegedly involving Amber McFarland on May 22, 2008. In Portage provincial court Monday, Crown attorney Larry Hodgson said because the complainant is missing, the Crown cannot proceed with the charges. “If more evidence comes to light, we can reinstate charges,” said Hodgson after the proceedings. Another charge of driving while disqualified on May 21 was also withdrawn. Both charges relied on evidence from McFarland, and her whereabouts remain unknown, explained Hodgson. McFarland, 24, has been missing since Oct. 18. Garrioch is also facing a charge of breaching a court order to have no contact with McFarland on Oct. 17. As well, he is charged with disobeying a court order on Oct. 14, involving another complainant. His case is due back in court on Feb. 9 on these remaining matters. MORE

With the draining of two ponds in an area at the south end of Portage la Prairie this week, Manitoba Search and Rescue is stepping up their game. Organizers are calling on volunteers to help with the search again this weekend (Fri-Sun). Volunteers are asked to go to the Alliance Church (2375 Saskatchewan Ave. West) at 10:00 a.m. About 1,500 people are expected to come out. The 24-year-old was last seen two weeks ago at a nightclub in Portage la Prairie in the early hours of Sat, October 18. So far, an extensive search has been taking place throughout the area with no leads to go on. The family of McFarland is still offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to their daughter’s whereabouts. You can keep track of the progress the search rescue has made and get updates on other events relating to search efforts by joining the Amber McFarland Facebook group. Anyone with information on Amber McFarland’s whereabouts are asked to call Portage RCMP at (204) 857-4445.

Search for Manitoba woman turns up 4 other missing people
Monday, October 27, 2008
Hundred of searchers looking for clues in the disappearance of Manitoba resident Amber McFarland discovered four other people who were lost on the weekend but found no sign of the missing woman. McFarland, 24, has not been seen since Oct. 18 when she was spotted leaving a nightclub in Portage la Prairie, Man. The search, which included about 700 volunteers in addition to official search and rescue resources, worked through the weekend, but found nothing of relevance to McFarland. Hundred of searchers looking for clues in the disappearance of Manitoba resident Amber McFarland, above, discovered four other people who were lost on the weekend but found no sign of the missing woman.

Although the search for McFarland has not produced results, Leonard said four unrelated missing people were located on the weekend during the search. “We found two people whose quad (all-terrain vehicle) had broken down and they were stuck and our guys had to take them out to safety,” said Leonard, who added two other intoxicated people were found in the wilderness and brought home. “They were there for a day and they thought we were actually looking for them.” The search, which is focused on the area southwest of the city, was scheduled to continue Tuesday, allowing organizers time to regroup.

Mother pleads for information on ‘vibrant, beautiful’ missing daughter
Family believes woman is being held against her will

The mother of a missing Portage la Prairie woman made an emotional plea Thursday for help finding her 24-year-old daughter. Amber Lynn McFarland, 24, was last seen early on Oct. 18 at a bar in Portage la Prairie, Man. (RCMP handout)Amber McFarland was last seen early Saturday morning at a bar in the city of 12,700, located about 70 kilometres west of Winnipeg. Lori McFarland said her daughter is normally in frequent contact with friends and family, speaking daily with her mother and in constant communication with her twin sister, Ashley. “Amber has a loving, supportive family and a huge extended family, and we’re all very worried about her,” she said. “She’s an outgoing, vibrant, beautiful and full-of-life girl. She’s obviously a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, an auntie, a niece and a good friend to many.” McFarland received a call Saturday morning from her daughter’s place of work, saying she hadn’t shown up to let in other employees. “That’s when we started to worry,” she said. “She would never miss work without speaking to her manager.” McFarland thanked her daughter’s many friends, who have been searching for Amber and hanging posters around the city with her daughter’s picture on them. “We’re asking anyone with even the slightest bit of information to please contact the RCMP, even if that information seems to be insignificant. We’re grasping at straws trying to piece together what could have happened to Amber,” she said. “As we suspect Amber may be being held somewhere against her will, to those people involved, we’re pleading with you to do the right thing, to right this wrong and please let her come home safely to us,” she added, her voice breaking with emotion. Portage RCMP have been to the home of McFarland’s ex-boyfriend, who was charged in May with assaulting the woman. Friends have said McFarland was talking to the man at the bar the night of her disappearance.

Missing person case is now a Homicide investigation
CJOB News Team reporting

RCMP investigators spent more than ten hours Wednesday at the home of one of the last men seen with 24-year-old Amber McFarland on October 18th last year. They were leaving a night club in Portage La Prairie..
McFarland has not been seen since that night.
RCMP sergeant Line Karpish told CJOB they have received new information that prompted investigators to return to the house. Initially, It was a missing person case but now Karpish says it’s a homicide investigation. The RCMP forensic unit was focused on the backyard of the home, located on Yellowquil Trail.. The home has a new family living in it and they allowed police to conduct their investigation.

Police have made arrested a second man in connection with the Amber McFarland murder.
On Wednesday, RCMP arrested a 40-year-old man in Portage la Prairie, and on Thursday they arrested a 39-year-old Portage la Prairie man and brought him in for questioning.
Amber McFarland disappeared more than eight months ago.


Amber at Missing Canada

Amber on Winnipeg CTV

Renewed Efforts in Search Of Amber

David Michael Borer

On April 26, 1989, seven-year-old David Borer vanished while walking along Parks Highway near Mile Marker 82, eleven miles north of his home in Willow, Alaska. Willow is only about 2,000 people. It is about 2 hours away from Anchorage. He was either going to a friend’s house or a sandbar near the frozen Kashwitna River. After he disappeared, police looked into the possibility that he may have fallen into the river. However, there was no hole in the ice to prove that. Also, divers searched the water and failed to find any trace of him.
Police also looked into the possibility that David was abducted while walking along the highway. He had apparently hitchhiked periodically throughout the area prior to his disappearance, and some believe that he may have met with foul play. His case remains unsolved.

Police also raised the possibility that he was killed by a bear. Bears in Alaska can be quite dangerous and have been known to attack adults in rare cases. David’s family disagreed with this theory and felt that it distracted people from the search. It is also possible he may of wondered into the woods and died of exposure.

David was a first grader at Willow Elementary School at the time of his disappearance. He is described as a very independent child who once hitchhiked 30 miles to Wasilla, Alaska. His parents were separated at the time of his disappearance and he lived with his mother and siblings. David’s mother gave birth to another son less than a year after his disappearance, but the baby died in an accident at the age of four weeks.

David’s case remains unsolved. For lack of evidence, police are treating it as an abduction.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Alaska State Troopers 907-733-2256

Charly Project