2016 Montreal Metro Train John Doe

On April 20th, 2016 just after midnight a man was found dead at Charlevoix metro station in what appeared to be a suicide. Witnesses have stated the decedent jumped in front of a metro train at the Charlevoix Station in the Pointe-Sainte-Charles neighbourhood of Montréal. The deceased is black male with dark skin, who stood 5’9 and weighed about 130. He was wearing a black Old Navy wool coat, a white and black T-shirt with the slogan MTBONWE, a blue sweatshirt, beige pants and Adidas “Stan Smith” white sneakers with red trim.






Regina John Doe

In 1995 a man maybe named Brian who went by Dave killed himself. Two CP rail police watched a man cut into their yard, lay down on the tracks, and moments later hit by a freight train. He was killed instantly and he had no ID with him. The man was well dressed, clean, and appeared to be well educated. He was believed to be in his early 20’s. He loved to talk about Stephen King novels, nice cars, and talking politics. He had a lion king cassette with him. He was described as “preppy” and said he was travelling out from Ontario. Some however believe due to his accent he may of been from the Maritimes. The days before he died he met hitch hiker Randy Wakelin.

On July 22nd, 1995 Randy and “Dave” traveled from Strathmore, Alberta to Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The two looked for carnival jobs for several days with no luck. Randy claimed that “Dave” had no idea how to live the transient life. Saying he knew nothing about drugs, no street slang, and he could barely hitch a ride. He appeared to be well educated and spoke about Universities out east. He never made any real eye contact with anyone. One thing Randy noticed was when they stopped to eat “Dave” would un fold a napkin on his lap. He also talked about how much he loved the ocean. Randy was also sure that “Dave” had an Ontario birth certificate.

“Dave” also kept a diary, which he wrote in with a silver fountain pen. The diary has never been recovered. “Dave” did not like to talk about his family and it was believed that they may be wealthy. He did speak a lot of a woman named Kathy whom he use to date. Until she left him for another man. The Christmas Brooch pictured above seemed to be “Dave’s” most prized possession. It was found with him when he died. It may of belonged to Kathy.

“Dave” was 5’9” and 18-30 years old. He may have spent time in Kamloops, British Columbia, at Padova City Resorts Inc.⁣

Regina John Doe’s fingerprints were compared with those of data bases in Canada, the US, and Europe with no matches. Which means he was probably never fingerprinted. One report noted that he did have scars on his wrists. No missing persons reports matched his. Minus Randy no one has came forward saying they knew him.






1987 Dana Point Jane Doe

On the morning of September 20, 1987, the body of a young woman was found below the cliffs in Dana Point, California. She had apparently fallen from the cliff the previous night.  A coroner, investigated the case and could not determine if the woman died accidentally, committed suicide, or was murdered.
A phone number on a map in the woman’s purse led to a local cab company. The night before Jane Doe’s body was found, it was determined that she had called a cab from Hampton Inn hotel in nearby Mission Viejo. When the cab arrived she stated that she wanted to go to Laguna Beach, which cost $20. As she only had $18 at the time, the driver agreed to take her as far as the money would allow. The taxi driver said she barely spoke and also mentioned that there was nothing unusual about her. Hours before her body was found she was let out at Scenic Drive and Cove Road in Dana Point, which was as far as her money could take her.

A few hours later, she was discovered dead at the bottom of the cliffs, by a walker, having apparently scaled a fence and jumped to her death. Stacked neatly in front of the fence were the belongings she had with her prior to her death. There were a pack of cigarettes, a soda can, a California road map that indicated she may have been a hitchhiker and a piece of paper with a phone number to a nearby hotel. Investigators also found a purse that had a woman’s name on it embossed in gold. It was eventually traced to a San Diego woman who had hers stolen approximately ten years prior. She was not familiar with the unidentified victim. She was 5’8” tall and weighed 127 pounds. She had light brown hair, brown eyes, and was wearing what appeared to be second-hand clothing, including a pair of men’s underwear. The woman was believed to have been between 18-24 years old. She also had several distinctive dental fillings. She probably wore braces when she was younger.

The case was officially ruled a suicide several years later. In 2015, high school friends of Holly Glynn began searching for her. They were unable to locate her through social media, so they contacted her family and discovered that she had not been heard from since September of 1987. Her friends soon learned of Dana Point Jane Doe and found that she looked very similar to Holly and matched her description. Holly’s family submitted DNA samples to be compared with the Jane Doe. In May 2015, it was announced that Holly has been identified as Dana Point Jane Doe. Holly was 21 when she died. Holly Jo Glynn was born September 11th, 1966.

Holly’s family had tried to involuntarily institutionalize her 8 months before she killed herself, but Holly wasn’t having any of that. She was described as quiet but also liked to party, do drugs, and flirt.

Although it was determined that Jane Doe was Holly Jo Glynn in 2015 there were people thinking that was her as far back as 2011.More than 20 years prior to her identification, Holly Jo Glynn’s remains had been cremated in a ceremony costing $425, paid for by Orange County on her behalf. Her ashes had then been placed in a cardboard box and buried at sea