Christopher Hampton

Christopher Hampton and Tamika Huston had been in an intense argument over money when he picked up the iron and threw it, smashing Huston on the head and killing her in 2004. Hampton, who then was 25, said he panicked, borrowed a friend’s car, put Huston’s body inside and drove all night. In the early morning he buried Huston body, in a wooded area in Duncan near an industrial development off Tyger River Drive. Hampton marked Huston’s grave with a cross he made out of branches. Then months later after he claimed he felt guilty, he went and dug her remains up. Then claiming he had all the intention of turning himself in.  But he instead reburied Huston. Which he claims is the truth and he felt remorse. Most people see it for what it really is utter complete bullshit. 

Authorities believe he killed Huston in late May 2004. Hampton said he was ironing his clothes and preparing for work when the argument started. Huston was in Hampton’s apartment — the two had dated for two or three months, he said. Hampton was, however, expecting a child by another woman in the coming months, a fact that strained their relationship. She asked him for money but he refused — he said he was saving money so he could take care of his coming baby. “She said, ‘You care about the baby more than you care about me,’ ” Hampton said. “I just got mad — I just threw the iron,” he said. “I didn’t mean for it to hit her.” But he said it struck Huston in the head and killed her. “I couldn’t believe it. I just walked out of the room.” He said he drove around for a while — less than an hour — and then returned to his apartment. “She was still there,” he said.

More than a year after Huston’s death, Spartanburg Public Safety investigators arrested Hampton, charging him Friday with murder as his ass was just leaving prison. (He was in there for parole violations) Within hours he confessed and led authorities to remains that are Huston’s. Hampton however would of almost not even of been thought of a suspect if it wasn’t for a key found in Tamika’s possession. When Huston was reported missing to police on June 14th, 2004 from her Spartanburg home they found at her place uncashed work checks, her cell phone, drivers license, and no sign of a struggle. Her vehicle however was missing and not found until a week after she was reported missing abandoned at an apartment complex.

The car was searched and all that was found was a partial fingerprint and a set of keys which didn’t work on the car. The finger print didn’t match anyone in the data base so the detectives took the set of keys to a locksmith. The locksmith told them that the keys were for an apartment unit at the Freemont School Apartments. When they spoke to the building manager he told the detectives that when residents get evicted they change the knobs of apartments. The apartment never kept records of what knobs got put on what doors and what keys worked where. Once they found out Chris Hampton use to date Tamika and use to live in the apartments they started to piece things together. It wasn’t until after Chris Hampton went back to jail that his former girlfriend (the mother of his children) called detectives and told them about a wallet Chris had given her with what appeared to be blood on it. DNA testing confirmed that the blood on the wallet belonged to Tamika Huston. When the detectives peeled up the carpet in the apartment that Chris Hampton used they found a large stain. DNA testing also confirmed the blood was that of Tamika Huston.

After investigation police found out that after killing Tamika, tough guy Chris put her in the closet. Then stud man Chris went and picked up a 15 year old girl, brought her back to his apartment, had sex with her in the room, while Tamika’s dead body lay in the closet.

In 2006 Chris Hampton was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

In 2017 Tamika’s father Anthony Huston was killed in a murder suicide


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