Randy Comeaux

Randy Comeaux or the South Side Rapist started working for the Lafayette Parrish Sheriffs Department in 1979. He worked his way up the ranks and then becoming a detective in the department’s juvenile division investigating physical and sexual abuse of children. He also worked part time at a supermarket as security.

In the late 1980’s and early 90’s a wave of rapes hit the city of Lafayette, Louisiana. The first rape occurring November 2nd, 1986 The rapist was leaving no clues what so ever. They didn’t even figure out the rapes were committed by one man until 1997. That is when the police started up a serial rapist task force.

Rumors were going around Lafayette that it was probably someone in law enforcement committing the rapes. Victims said the rapist “acted like a cop” and even left a flashlight at one of the scenes. A composite sketch was also released as one victim gave and it lookes similar to Comeaux. In 1998 an anonymous caller phoned in and told police they should investigate Randy Comeaux. (It is believed that it was either his attorney or priest).

Eventually they matched the DNA off a discarded cigarette butt of Comeaux’s and matched it to one of the victims. When confronted with the evidence Comeaux confessed to the crimes. Comeaux told investigators that he would pick a victim at random and threaten them with his service weapon then rape them. He said there were at least 6 of them, police still believe there may be more. The victims all ranged in age from 21 to 55.

Comeaux had been investigated by  the department’s Internal Affairs Division on three separate occasions The reasons never made public. One was eventually made public in 1992 and it was filed by his girlfriend. Stating she had been physically abused by Comeaux and how he should not have his position dealing with children. She claimed Comeaux was a sex addict and a pervert.

He is currently serving six life sentences without the possibility of parole at the David Wade Correctional Facility in rural Louisiana by the Louisiana-Arkansas border.